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Our new online course about Instagram Reels for business, LAUNCHING SOON!

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Your action plan for jumping into Reels and boosting your brand growth

New to Reels? Want to build your brand, big time? This is the ultimate course to boss your Instagram Reels for long-term business success. We’ll take away the stress of overwhelm and help you (step by step) to achieve your brand building goals. Are you ready to grow?


Learn about Reels in your own time with seven modules of easy-to-watch voice-over presentations, video tutorials (screencasts) and real-time recorded videos. When you buy your course, all videos are released at once, so you can watch them during your lunch break or after work, at your own pace.

Our course has been designed to teach you exactly how to make Reels yourself (recording, editing, publishing), how to generate new ideas, what makes a good time-saving strategy and which types of Reels will get you results.

Anina Heyns

Meet your instructor


Hi, I’m Anina Heyns and I love to help business owners grow their businesses through digital marketing. I also really enjoy teaching entrepreneurs the tips and tricks I’ve learned in my 12+ years of working in marketing.

I’ve hosted lots of full-day workshops and value-packed breakfast sessions, and I’m excited to host my first ever online course on using Instagram Reels to market your business.

As a business owner myself, I know that time is money so I want to help you work smarter, not harder. I’ll take the guesswork out of creating your Reels so you’ll have more time to focus on what truly matters.

Is this course for you? 

Do you find it hard to keep up with ever-changing social media? Are you struggling to find the time to figure it out? Are you looking for new ways to scale your business?

Some questions we'll tackle: 

“Is Instagram Reels right for my business, and should I create them?”

“Help! I don’t have enough ideas for my Reels!"

“I love watching Reels but have no idea where to start creating my own.”

“I’ve made some Reels but how do I make them really great?”

“I don’t want to show my face – which Reels can I create?”

“How do I create Reels when I just don’t have the time?!”

“I really want to include transitions but have no clue how.”

Reels are so hot right now, and perfect for:

  • Small business owners (service or product)
  • eCommerce store owners
  • Marketing managers or coordinators
  • Influencers/content creators
  • Anyone using social media to market their brand


You’ll learn how to:

  • Quickly and easily make impactful Reels
  • Maximise your reach and grab more sales
  • Create jaw-dropping transitions
  • Get all the inside tips and tricks on music, content planning etc.
  • Our proven 5-step strategy that will save you time
  • Create Instagram Reels with confidence!


Enrolment for Let’s get "Reel" will open in July ‘22, by joining the waitlist you will be the first to know when it opens and get early bird access to our new course!

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Module 1:
What are Reels?

  • What are Reels & why you need them
  • Pro’s & con’s of Reels
  • How the Reels algorithm works

Module 2:
Our top tips

  • Things to consider before posting
  • Our top tips when creating Reels
  • Helpful Tools to use

Module 3:
Your Reels strategy

  • How to set your content pillars
  • Why use the content pillar method?
  • Different types of Reels
  • Pretty Social’s Strategy: how to batch-create your Reels
  • Step 1: Research
  • Step 2: Planning
  • Step 3: Record
  • Step 4: Edit
  • Step 5: Publish your Reel

Module 4:

  • Reels features & how they work
  • Recording your video clips outside Reels
  • How & where to record 
  • Different ways of recording
  • How to record a stop-motion video
  • Reels transitions
  • How to record a storytelling Reel

Module 5:
Editing your Reels

  • Editing & publishing within Instagram Reels
  • Editing your Reels in the InShot App
  • Editing a Reel in the Canva App
  • Creating a photo slideshow / sound sync Reel in CapCut
  • Reels Templates

Module 6:
Publishing your Reels

  • Creating your Reels covers 
  • Use frames from your videos in Reels
  • How to use our Canva templates
  • Reels captions & hashtags
  • Publishing your Reel
  • Sharing your Reel to Stories

Module 7:
Measuring success

  • What to do after you’ve posted
  • Measuring your success


But wait, there’s more! We’ll also leave you with lots of useful resources to help you on your Reels journey:
  1. Reels features explained
  2. Helpful tools to use
  3. Content pillars
  4. 50+ Instagram Reel ideas
  5. Reels hooks & call-to-actions
  6. Hashtag guide
  7. Reels prep checklist
  8. 20 x Reels cover templates (Canva)


We don’t just leave you to try and figure it out on your own – we also help you with accountability and offer support to help you grow with confidence.

  • You’ll get access to our private Facebook group where we keep you updated on all the new features, updates, and changes. And where you can ask any questions you might have about Reels.  We’ll also host regular challenges to put your new skills to the test!
  • And we’ll send you regular tips, updates and info about upcoming training/challenges via email.
  • Monthly live training via Zoom with Anina (your trainer), guest speakers or challenges to keep you accountable and to start applying what you've learned about Reels.
  • WhatsApp Broadcast Group where we’ll send reminder about upcoming events or new videos added to the course